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Rail Crossings and Rail / Road Separation

Rail crossings are both a major safety hazard to users and lead to significant traffic congestion. With increasing train and road traffic volumes the demands on these crossings is forecast to significantly increase. Several key assessments have been undertaken on the most important metropolitan level crossings to be separated based on a range of safety and system efficiency criteria.

This site presents the location of the 50 rail crossings identified by the ALP for removal or grade separation, and the current status of crossing removal and plans as outlined in the Government’s 2014 Plan Melbourne Strategy. These crossings are presented in the context of 150 rail crossings assessed to have the highest priority for removal or grade separation in a major Victorian Government study (undertaken in May 2008). Rail crossings are also shown in relation to the estimated seat margins for new Legislative Assembly electorates.

About the data

Rail crossing information shown on this site is sourced from: Victorian Government web-sites, including PlanMelbourne, and former Department of Infrastructure site (used for Victorian Government 2008 study, Priority List 1 – 12 May 2008); and ALP web-site. The current location of level crossings is sourced from publically available PVT information.
Information on new electorate seat margins presented on this map is based on a report produced by Antony Green, 2013 Victorian Redistribution Analysis of New Electoral Boundaries.